Holidays is All About Togetherness Here in Lancaster New City Cavite

The much cooler air this time of year is perfect for a warm thick brew of tsokolate e. But why stop there? Maybe couple this with a batch of home-baked chocolate chip cookies, for those with sweet tooth; or a bowl of hearty arroz caldo for those looking for a better fill.
Then, you rally the rest of the fam and march toward the living room—lights dim, of course—to enjoy the soft pulse of the Christmas tree lights. You let the draft filter in through the window because it’s not always like this.
The tame chill, the warm tummies, the giddy feeling amid the dancing lights—you know this mood too well. You know, and you’re sure—it’s the most wonderful time of the year.
One of the best places to be is in Cavite where Lancaster New City is giving the best gift for families within its community: the time to be able to experience this and more.

The gift of time

Known as the “family-friendly city,” Lancaster New City is a unique development in Cavite, which espouses on the live-learn-work-play-pray concept.
By conveniently bringing together everything that matters most to its residents, Lancaster New City is never a place to dally and with not a spot to be stuck in or use up precious time planning or being in transit.
By developing a happy community where you are provided the luxury of time, residents can find work and easily access to different business districts and schools. Lancaster New City grants all members of the family a unique kind of proximity to everywhere they need to be, so that they still have the time and energy to bond with each other at the end of the day.
Meanwhile, with a school also situated inside the development, Lancaster New City is also able to extend its gift of time to students, as they no longer have to travel far for their classes. Because of this, they won’t be too tired to focus on their studies and still enjoy quality time with the family at home.

Christmas at Lancaster New City

Still with the gift of time in mind, Lancaster New City has launched its lineup of Christmas Happenings, which makes it more convenient for residents and guests to enjoy fun activities without worrying about the usual “holiday hassles.”
Aside from all the merry activities lined up, Lancaster New City hasn’t forgotten to also encourage its residents to share their blessings this holiday season. It started with the Kids Hand-in-Hand Toy Donation Drive among its residents last November 17, and there’s more lined up.
Here’s everything residents and even visitors from far and wide must watch out for at Lancaster New City in Cavite.

1. Christmas Tree Lighting

The month-long festivities will kickoff on December 1 with the Christmas Tree Lighting Event at Central Greens. Watch community members showcase their talents in a grand musical performance and get to enjoy a lovely light show that’s perfect for photo ops.

2. Sine Saya outdoor movie

On December 8, Lancaster New City continues on with its outdoor movie night events through Sine Saya. To be held at the Central Greens, enjoy family-centric Filipino movies as well as performances from community members.

3. A night for the homeowners

As Lancaster New City always tries to bring together its community members, its Homeowners Night will do just that, encouraging them to share their talents and share stories in a night of fun.
The Homeowners’ Night feature presentations prepared by homeowners and the recognition program for participants of the Christmas Symbol Campaign participated in by volunteer villages.

4. Christmas concerts

Back-to-back concerts will then excite community members on December 22. Residents and guests should not miss Lancaster New City’s Christmas Concerts.

5. Share your blessings

Lancaster New City Cavite
Lancaster New City Cavite

LANCASTER NEW CITY is one of the biggest township developments in Cavite that spans to more than 1,400 hectares covering Imus, Kawit and General Trias Cavite. A few minutes drive from Metro Manila, Lancaster New City Cavite is designed to give the family a room to grow at home and outdoors in a complete community that has everything you'll need so you may spend more quality time with you and your family.

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