Discount Policy in Lancaster New City

Discount Policy in Lancaster New City

Lancaster New City offers BIG DISCOUNTS when you pay in full the Total Contract Price (TCP) or Full Downpayment early. The following are the Spot Payment discount policy and guidelines when you pay in Spot Cash or Spot Downpayment/Full Downpayment of any house model in Lancaster New City.

Spot Cash Discount

SPOT CASH is payment of the full Total Contract Price (TCP) within a specified period from reservation date. Lancaster New City offers the huge discounts when you pay thru Spot Cash payment.

Spot Cash Discount is based on the Net Selling Price of the property. Selling Price means the price of the property minus legal miscellaneous fee (Title Transfer Cost, admin fee, notarial fee, etc.) and reservation fee.

Spot Cash Discount Table

Spot Cash Payment Date starting from Reservation Date Discount
Within 7 days 10.00%
Within 30 days (1 month) 9.50%
Within 60 days (2 months) 9.00%
Within 90 days (3 months) 8.50%
Within 120 days (4 months) 8.00%
Within 150 days (5 months) 7.50%
Within 180 days (6 months) 7.00%
Within 210 days (7 months) 6.50%
Within 240 days (8 months) 6.00%
Within 270 days (9 months) 5.50%
Within 300 days (10 months) 5.00%
Within 330 days (11 months) 4.50%
Within 360 days (12 months) 4.00%

Spot Downpayment Discount

SPOT DOWNPAYMENT or FULL DOWNPAYMENT is payment of the complete downpayment within a specified period from reservation date. Lancaster New City likewise offers the discounts when you pay the full downpayment amount early.

ONLY PRE-SELLING UNITS (24 months turnover) are entitled to Spot Downpayment Discount. Ready for Occupancy units (12 months and below turnover) are no longer entitled to Spot Downpayment discount since house/unit is already constructed or house/unit has on-going construction already.

Spot Downpayment/Full Downpayment Discount is based on the Net Downpayment of the property. Net Downpayment means required dowpayment less reservation fee.

Spot Downpayment Discount Table

Spot Downpayment Date from Reservation Discount
Within 30 days (1 month) 7.50%
Within 60 days (2 months) 7.00%
Within 90 days (3 months) 6.50%
Within 120 days (4 months) 6.00%
Within 150 days (5 months) 5.50%
Within 180 days (6 months) 5.00%