Steps to Buy Your Dream Home in Lancaster New City

Through the 15 years, Property Company of Friends, more popularly known as Pro-Friends, has worked to make quality homes available to Filipinos the easiest and most affordable possible way. Following are basic and important details a buyer should know about owning his/her home of choice in Lancaster New City:


Once you have chosen a house from our property listings, the next step is to see the actual site, community and house model. We offer FREE TRIPPING DAILY in Lancaster New City.

Why do you need to deal with a licensed real estate broker vs sales agent?
A registered real estate broker is a professional and has a name and license to protect. It is a common perception that brokers and agents almost do the same type of work, but brokers are licensed to manage their own real estate businesses and has the necessary training, education, and experience. It is also the licensed real estate broker who has direct supervision and accountability over his/her duly accredited sales agent/salesperson.There are so many incidents that buyers get deceived, misled, or swindled by unlicensed and fraudster real estate salespeople.  To protect yourself and your hard-earned savings, make sure that the person you are dealing with is licensed and registered with the PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission).

To schedule a house viewing with us, call/text to 0917 512 5475 (GLOBE) the following information:

<Project/House Model>
<Your Complete Name>
<House Viewing Date>
<Preferred Time: Morning or Afternoon>

If you are located abroad or an OFW, you may request for your family or your representative here in the Philippines to have the house viewing on your behalf.


After house viewing / tripping, once you've decided with the house model and price computation, the next step is choosing your desired Block & Lot within the available phases in Lancaster New City. Once you have selected your desired Block & Lot, the next step is to PAY THE RESERVATION FEE AT THE SALES OFFICE as units are booked on a “first come, first served” basis.

If you are an OFW, your Attorey-in-fact or SPA (immediate family member/relative) can process the reservation in behalf of the buyer.

Paying the reservation fee together with an accomplished Buyer Information Sheet & Reservation Agreement officially reserves the unit under your name. Reservation fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is deductible to your total downpayment.


Once the unit has been reserved, the next step is the payment of the monthly downpayment and submission of requirements. Monthly Downpayment is covered by PDC (post dated cheques), payable to the Property Company of Friends Inc. A Checklist of Requirements based on your selected financing will be given to you upon reservation or once you inquire with us.

The required documents' deadline for submission is within 60 days from the date of reservation. Please take note that on time submission of requirements is important to prevent delays in your housing loan processing, especially for bank financing.


Upon complete payment of downpayment and submission of complete requirements, if the account is thru bank financing, the account will be forwarded to the bank for the housing loan processing. Bank housing loan processing takes 2-3 months and upon approval of loan, buyer will be notified for the schedule of LOG (Letter of Guaranty) signing.


A Notice of Completion from Pro-Friends that the unit is ready for inspection will be sent to the buyer. After complying with the scheduled inspection and any punchlisted items for repair have been made rectified (if any), the buyer can now accept the unit by signing the acceptance form and be awarded their unit keys within 3 days.

  • MERALCO & CENTRALIZED WATER CONNECTION - Meralco and centralized water connection will be individually applied for by the client since the unit is under their name (Meralco can be applied inside Lancaster New City Move-in office and centralized water connection can also be applied at the site). There will be NO MOVE-IN FEES to be collected from the Buyer.
  • HOME IMPROVEMENTS - Home improvement and renovations is only allowed once the unit has been turned over to the buyer. A renovation plan must be submitted to the Profriends engineering office subject to approval prior to renovation to ensure that pipes and structural integrity of the unit will not be compromised by the planned renovation. 
  • CONSTRUCTION BOND - Construction bond is required upon approval of renovation plan and prior to start of renovation. Construction bond REFUNDABLE after the renovation (with a coverage of 1 year). Php 1,000 from the Construction Bond is non-refundable as it is for Engineering inspection fee. Construction bond is required as payment in case an adjacent property is damaged during the Buyer's renovation, otherwise it is refundable.